Teeth grinding may be a sign of bullying, study finds

Both children and adults tend to grind their teeth in their sleep when they are suffering from stress.

A leading health charity is alerting parents to be on the lookout for their children grinding their teeth, as its revealed to be one sign that their child could be being bullied.

New research has revealed that adolescents who suffer from bullying are far more likely to grind their teeth in their sleep, a sign which could help parents identify victimised children sooner.

Neanderthals practiced prehistoric dentistry

Researchers from the University of Kansas analysed the Neanderthal teeth.

Professor David Frayer, who led the study, said: 'As a package, this fits together as a dental problem that the Neanderthal was having and was trying to presumably treat itself, with the toothpick grooves, the breaks and also with the scratches on the premolar.

'It was an interesting connection or collection of phenomena that fit together in a way that we would expect a modern human to do.

'Everybody has had dental pain, and they know what it's like to have a problem with an impacted tooth.'

Chewing sugar free gum can help reduce tooth decay

Chewing just one additional piece of sugar free gum each day could save £3.3 billion worldwide on dental expenditures from treating tooth decay, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Dentistry on 2 April, 2017

The data is significant given tooth decay and oral diseases rank fourth among the most expensive global health conditions to treat, according to the World Health Organization.

While tooth decay is largely preventable, it still affects 60-90% of schoolchildren and nearly all adults globally.

Tooth ache sick days cost the UK economy £105m

The Oral Health Foundation is urging workplaces and employees to prioritise their oral health as new research reveals that oral health problems such as toothache are costing the UK economy more than £105 million each year in sick days.

The poll, commissioned as part of the campaign National Smile Month, discovered that around one in 20 working Brits have been forced to take time off work in the last year due to oral health problems.

Our Liverpool Dentist can help take care of your kids teeth

It is the end of an afternoon in theatre and I have extracted more than 100 teeth from my operating list of eight patients, the youngest a two-year-old who needed all 20 baby teeth removing because they were so decayed. I watch in silence as a child younger than my own is transferred from the operating table and I wonder how we reached this point as a society where I don’t believe we truly value oral health, nor realise the implications of failing to do so.

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