A trip to your Liverpool Dentist can help reduce wrinkles

A trip to your Liverpool Dentist can help reduce wrinkles

There is more than just your dental health at stake if you avoid the dreaded dentist’s chair – it could give you wrinkles too.

Not getting regular check-ups can lead to the aging process speeding up and more wrinkles around the eyes.

It’s all to do with the bones in the jaw and cheeks.  Dermatologist Debbie Palmer told Women’s Health: “Dental health and bone density are important for the prevention of perioral wrinkles.

“If you have poor dental health, it can cause a loss of bone density in the jaw and cheeks.

“The bones provide structure and support for the skin. Loss of this support can lead to wrinkles and sagging of the skin.”

She advised: “Visit your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings.”  Worn down teeth can also contribute to lines around the mouth as the closed bite provides less support to the skin.

Grinding your teeth is another no-no if you want to keep your youthful looks. If the jaw muscles are overworked, it can lead to sagging in the soft line of the jaw.

Night clenchers should get a mouth guard to prevent them grinding in their sleep.

We recently revealed that eating kale and tomatoes could be the key to avoiding wrinkles.

If you are nervous about visiting your Liverpool Dentist, don't worry, we have experience in dealing with the most nervous of patients.  Our primary concern is your comfort and well being.  Our professional team will take good care of you and your oral health.

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