Looking for an NHS Dentist?

Looking for an NHS Dentist?

Taking care of our children's teeth is extremely important right from a very young age, and offering  them alternatives to sugary treats will also help them reduce their risk of tooth decay.  Dental care in children is covered at our NHS Dentist, and as we are currently registering new NHS patients, why not register with us to receive the very best in dental care for your child.  You can download a registration form here and register on the same day.  Our NHS Dentist in Liverpool also provides emergency dental care and in most cases we see our emergencies on the same day if you are registered with our practice.

The scale of “sugar addiction” in England and Wales has been laid bare in data showing that 170 children and teenagers a day are having operations in NHS hospitals to remove multiple teeth that have been rotted by sugar.

There were 42,911 multiple tooth extraction operations in patients under the age of 18 in 2016/17 according to analysis of NHS statistics by the Local Government Association, which represents English councils.

This represents an increase of 17 per cent on the numbers four years ago, with a total bill for the operations – which have to take place in hospital under anaesthetic – of £36.2m.

Dental health leaders said that ministers should be ashamed of the figures, and said a lack of funding for the Government’s flagship oral health programme means it is only reaching “a few thousand children”.

“These statistics are a badge of dishonour for health ministers, who have failed to confront a wholly preventable disease,” said British Dental Association (BDA) chair, Mick Armstrong.

The BDA says England is lagging behind Scotland and Wales by failing to have a dedicated child oral health programme.

It adds that the flagship “Starting Well” policy, for children under five at high risk of dental problems, had no additional funding attached and is only running in 13 local authorities.

Mr Armstrong added: “This short-sightedness means just a few thousand children stand to benefit from policies that need to be reaching millions.”

The total bill for tooth extractions since 2012 topped £165m, and the figures show numbers spiked again in 2016/17, despite a drop in the number of cases the previous year – when there were 40,800 operations. The LGA’s community wellbeing board chair, councillor Izzi Seccombe, said: “The fact that, due to the severity of the decay, 170 operations a day to remove teeth in children and

teenagers have to be done in a hospital is alarming and also adds to current pressures on the NHS.

“This concerning trend shows there is an urgent need to introduce measures to curb our sugar addiction which is causing children’s teeth to rot.”

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