Children's oral health is important

Children's oral health is important

If every third child you met had an obvious chronic infection, you’d be horrified. Yet because teeth are “hidden”, we still ignore this problem. And there are great differences across the country, with four in 10 children in some areas suffering pain and potential disfigurement. Having teeth out under a general anaesthetic is the chief cause of hospital admission for 8-10 year old children.

The causes of decay are well-known: frequent snacking on sugary foods and the inclusion of “hidden sugars” in many everyday foodstuffs. 

For babies and toddlers this is compounded by the use of sugary drinks in baby bottles and feeders – only milk or water should be given in this way. 

The main defence? Regular twice daily brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, supervised by an adult until the age of seven, along with regular visits to the dentist from an early age. Dentists can spot the very early signs of decay and either advise on prevention, or take simple measures to stop it developing further. NICE is urging schools and local authorities to take action, however the problem – and the answer – is in the hands of everybody who looks after the welfare of children.

Denplan’s emphasis on a preventive dentistry approach – and in particular its flexible “Plans for Children” – is great for families concerned about their children’s dental welfare. They encourage regular attendance and the time for personalised and expert advice from your dental team. Good dental habits start early and are the best introduction to healthy teeth and gums for life.

Our Liverpool Dentist has experience in delaing with young, nervous patients, to ensure they do not have a fear of the Dentist.

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