Sports drinks harmful for oral health, dentists warn

Sports drinks harmful for oral health, dentists warn

Dentists are warning high levels of sugar and acids in many sports drinks can have a harmful impact on a person's oral health.

Australian Dental Association [ADA] committee chair Dr Peter Alldritt said players should stick to water to avoid erosion and tooth decay.

"People sometimes drink sports drinks thinking they are healthier than a soft drink," he said.

"They can contain six to eight teaspoons of sugar in one drink, which is not far behind some soft drinks."

An ADA survey of 1,200 Australians revealed over 50 per cent of adults and around 30 per cent of children consume sports drinks every week, unaware of the health risks.

Dr Alldritt said it was particularly alarming to find those who were aware of the dangers still continued to consume the drinks.

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