Your teeth have a number of jobs

Your teeth have a number of jobs

While your teeth create a beautiful smile, it is important to keep them  healthy for a number of reasons. 

Your teeth do different jobs. They help you to tear and chew your food when you are eating. They help you to talk and make different sounds. They also give your face its shape and give you a nice smile.

You have four different types of teeth:

  • The incisors are the teeth at the very front of your mouth. They are the sharpest and help to cut up your food.
  • The canines are the pointed teeth either side of your incisors. They help to hold and tear the food.
  • The pre-molars are behind your canine teeth. They have a flat chewing surface because they help to crush your food.
  • The molars are the very back teeth. They are big ‘double' teeth and are also flat. They help to chew and grind your food into small pieces ready to swallow.

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