Easy ways to clean your teeth better

Easy ways to clean your teeth better

Brushing teeth properly can make a positive impact on your oral health.

Try brushing your tongue

Move your toothbrush in a gentle sweeping motion from the back of your tongue to the front to get rid of any bacteria, dead cells and food particles. This can help to combat bad breath.

Keep your teeth clean in between brushing

Using a mouth rinse that contains fluoride may help to prevent tooth decay. This is most effective when used at different time to brushing your teeth, such as after lunch. Mini bottles of mouth rinse are easy to keep at work or in your bag for use during the day. You could also try using sugar-free chewing gum to refresh your mouth after meals. 

Clean between your teeth

Cleaning between your teeth removes plaque and bits of food from areas that your brush can’t reach, and therefore it’s vital for a healthy mouth. Take a look at our previous post to see the various ways you can do this.

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