About our Dentist in Liverpool

At Sheil Road Dental Practice, a Liverpool Dentist located in the heart of Kensington Liverpool,  we offer treatment with modern equipment in a friendly and relaxed setting and all our patients are welcome.  

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Registered patients requiring Emergency treatment are seen wherever possible within 24 hours.  However, to try and get an emergency appointment on the same day we do recommend that you contact us as early as possible.  This gives us time to try and arrange our day to accommodate your emergency situation.

It’s all smiles and we want to see your beautiful teeth behind a happy, confident and healthy smile. We know that more and more people in today's times are concerned about the quality of their smile and that their smile can help boost their confidence.  Our Dentist in Liverpool offers a range of treatments to help you achieve and maintain the best dental health possible.
Our experienced dental staff will recommend the appropriate treatments to give you a healthy, whiter, perfect smile. These treatments may vary from simply changing discoloured fillings for white fillings, to veneers to complete your smile.
We pride ourselves on our professionalism and the quality of our work.  We believe that healthy teeth improve your general sense of well being.

Good dental habits starts at an early age. Children’s oral health is very important, so we like to build a relationship with them from a very early age. This will also eliminate any fears that children may have of their visits to the dentist.  The more we teach our children from an early age the less likely they are to have problems in the future.

Please note that fees must be paid in advance or at the time of treatment.

If you miss your appointment without providing adequate notice we might refuse further treatment.

Violence and abusive behaviour. will not be tolerated.  Our  staff should be able to come to their workplace without fear of being mistreated from patients or their relatives. We have a zero tolerance policy towards such behaviour which might result in further treatment at this practice being refused  or where appropriate calling upon the assistance of the police

Sheil Road Dental Practice is a local Liverpool Dentist.

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