Braces tips from your Liverpool Dentist

Braces tips from your Liverpool Dentist

Our Liverpool Dentist wants you to be proud of your braces.  Your friends will get used to them in no time and  before you know it, your braces will be  gone leaving you with a perfect smile.

Here are some handy tips form your Liverpool Dentist to help you care for your braces.

1.  Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes and be sure to get under the wires.

2. Remember to floss your teeth getting the floss right underneath the wires and between the brackets.

3. Gently clean between the brackets with your wire brush to effectively remove all plaque.

4. Rinse thoroughly with mouth wash.

5. Stick to food that requires little chewing in the beginning until you get used your braces.

6. Stay away from hard, chewy foods to avoid breaking the braces.

7. Remember to keep up with your regular visits to both your orthodontist and your Liverpool Dentist.

If you have any concerns regarding your braces, please feel free to contact us.

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